About Us

We are GolaTTaylor Tools, an Alaskan company manufacturing our products in the USA. We have recently released the revolutionary new tool the Thread Wizard.

Our Product

The Thread Wizard is a patent pending bolt cleaning tool designed by master mechanic and industry veteran, Gary Taylor. While the Thread Wizard is a revolutionary product, the means by which it operates are surprisingly simple. Housed in a highly durable handle which is specially shaped to be handheld or clamped in a vise, a wire wheel of the highest quality protrudes into size specific holes surrounding the wheel. When a bolt is turned through the Thread Wizard with hand or power tools appropriate for the bolt, the wire wheel removes all grime, dirt, surface rust and fouling. This leaves the bolt clean and ready to be used in a fraction of the time of traditional methods without the inherent hassles and safety issues of solvents, wire brushes and wire wheel grinders. 

The Thread Wizard will be a valuable asset to hobbyists working at home and professional mechanics in large automotive shops. The cost of constantly buying new bolts can become extremely expensive. By cleaning and reusing bolts, companies can avoid this expense. The Thread Wizard would also require little training, saving companies additional money as well. 

The Thread Wizard, available in SAE or Metric, is simply faster, safer and cheaper than any other method of cleaning bolts for reuse and quick installation.

The Inventor

Gary Taylor, the inventor of the Thread Wizard, is an experienced mechanic with more than 40 years experience in the auto mechanic industry. Throughout his career he has worked on many different makes, models and sizes of vehicles, requiring different sized tools and bolts. He has had to clean the threads on bolts a countless number of times. Mechanics know just how long and dangerous this process can be when using a bench grinder with a spinning wire wheel. While the grinder is turning the wire wheel at high speeds, it has the potential for physical injury as well as being a workplace danger. During one incident, while cleaning bolt threads with a wire

wheel, Gary lost his grip and was hit hard with the bolt. After many such incidences, and hearing stories from other mechanics about being hurt as well, Gary thought of a safer way to clean the dirty and grimy bolts.

Before the concept of the Thread Wizard, Gary looked all over for other alternatives to the grinder and wire wheel. When he could not find anything to do the job to par, he decided to make something that would fit his needs. While making the Thread Wizard, Gary spoke to other mechanics, and to his surprise, no one had come up with the concept sooner. He created a great mechanic’s tool that can be used in any shop across the country or the world.  A safe alternative to the bench and wire wheel set up any mechanic could use to safely simplify their job as well as save money.