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Thread Wizard From GolaTTAylor Tools Inc.

We have recently released the revolutionary new tool the Thread Wizard, the world's safest, fastest bolt cleaner. The Thread wizard is an award winning bolt cleaning tool designed by master mechanic and industry veteran, Gary Taylor. Housed in a highly durable handle which is specially shaped to be handheld or clamped in a vise, a wire wheel of the highest quality protrudes into size specific holes surrounding the wheel.

Made in the USA

The Thread Wizard is designed, manufactured, and distributed in the USA. That means the money you spend stays right here in America. Your helping strengthen our economy, supporting American companies, and helping give Americans jobs.

Saves You Money

The replacement cost of bolts can add up after time. Whether you work in a mechanics shop, or you perform regular maintenance and repairs on your vehicles at home, this tool will pay for itself.

Saves You Time

When a bolt is turned through the Thread Wizard with hand or power tools appropriate for the bolt, the wire wheel removes all grime, dirt, surface rust and fouling, without the safety issues or hassle of wire brushes, solvents or wire wheel bench grinders.

Safest, Fastest Method Possible

The Thread Wizard, available in SAE or Metric, is simply safer, faster and cheaper than any other method of cleaning bolts for reuse and quick installation.

Bolt Sizes

The Thread Wizard can either be used in hand held or vice mounted mode

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PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THREAD WIZARD FROM GOLATTALOR TOOLS INC. NAMED 2016 GLOBAL MEDIA AWARD WINNER AT THE SEMA SHOW - Product(s) Emerged Among Thousands as Voted on by Panel of International Judges - LAS VEGAS – 11/04/2015 - GolaTTAylor Tools Inc. was recognized with the 2016 Global Media Award this week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for its invention the Thread Wizard. The SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognizes those companies that manufacture specialty equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers in countries outside the United States. The products are voted on by a prestigious group of international journalists who serve as judges. "The idea of customization and personalization has been growing throughout world," said Linda Spencer, SEMA director of international and government relations. "Our goal is to have media experts from around the world determine which new products are likely to succeed in their home markets. The automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby, and so it's exciting to see how their love for cars, trucks and SUVs is impacting those throughout the world." This year's program included 34 judges from 19 countries. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 2,000 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products that they felt would resonate and appeal most to consumers in their home countries.

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